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Archive for "May 25 2004"

The DumbAss Award

This week’s winner is a two-fer, brought to you by The Silver Shark Lounge

21st Century Luddites

This whole WalMart backlash always seemed ridiculous to me, but this takes the cake.
I mean, a whole bloody state is under seige?

Shelly Silver Sucks (contd.)

Any time someone takes a whack at him I’m happy, because he deserves far, far worse treatment. I hate the SOB. He’s an arrogant prick who doesn’t give a damn about Joe Citizen, only lining his and his cohorts’ pockets…and he’s blatant about it. I just wish Schwartz wasn’t so blindered as to who would be a good replacement. The entire Democratic contingent from the city in the Assembly have aided and abetted Silver’s Napolean complex by never standing up to him. Their lemming-like kowtowing, or plain old fear of his wrath, made him the scumbag he is. Someone from the Hudson Valley regions would be a better bet.

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