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Archive for "May 24 2004"

Mayhem Monday

It’s payback time. The Beast, which last week tried to take me out, is getting a severe dose of deconstruction. I ended up too busted up to do this last week, but now I’m mobile enough to proceed. I got a chain saw and some sturdy ropes hooked to the Bronco’s bumper hitch. No jerking around with a surgical procedure as previously planned; wholesale trashing is about to ensue. Now, it’s personal.

Revenge will be mine!

UPDATE: I get a phone call after hacking away an awning and a small extension and fastening the ropes to the ‘boathouse’ addition:

GINNY: “What do you think you’re doing with the truck?”
ME (looking around): “What are you talking about?”
GINNY: “The truck and the ropes. Don’t you dare. You can cut away the addition, but no using the truck. You’ll pull the whole damn garage down with your luck with that thing.”

So. One of the neighbors ratted me out. Wasn’t expecting that. Ginny has a conspirator keeping me under observation during the day? That’s not good. Gonna have to figure out who it is and turn them to the Dark Side.

The chain saw worked well enough, but the revenge aspect kind of dissipates without the sound of the Beast being brutally torn apart by the force of 300 horses instead of the clean, surgical quality the chain saw entails. Took a lot more time, too.

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