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Archive for "May 17 2004"

How to Wreck a Weekend

Way, WAY long entry…
We are now in Year Two of the HomeOwner Era. Year One was spent on getting the interior squared away. Living room, dining, room, kitchen: self evident, minimum of fuss deciding on their final configuration. Head upstairs. The attic, with its sharply sloped ‘A’ shaped ceiling, became Storage Central. Technically, there are four bedrooms, but other than the master, they others are smallish. I immediately wanted to blow the wall out between two of them, but was instantly stared out of that notion. The one with the best light was designated as the guest room. Furnishing ensued, with a futon taking care of the sleeping accomodation. Official designation” The Jeremy Brown Room.” Various photo montages of Ginny’s sweet doggie in the sky accentuate the dark woods, matching his coat (pic here). A second bedroom became a walk-in closet/changing room for Ginny’s clothing and shoe inventories. I was working in Mule Mode during this time: nod approvingly and carry stuff where you were pointed. That left, for me, figuring out where to put the office and it’s computers, scanners, printers, and whatnot. Upstairs? Downstairs? Endless bickering ensued.

It’s a ninety year old house; seriously messing with the electrical system so it could handle all the hardware was a given, no matter the location. The basement, my first choice for a location, fought every effort to make it LeatherPenguin’s new corporate igloo. First, it’s a damn Headbanging Ballroom, with a ceiling festooned with a variety of pipes suspended just high enough to convince you they will not be a problem…unless you insist on constantly walking in an upright posture. Adjoining the pipes is an incredibly sloppy string of electrical conduit and light fixtures that are just…hanging there. Some worked, some didn’t, all were willing to give you a jolt if you looked at them crossly. The back end, where the boiler, oil tank, etc. were located was consigned to “screw that, I don’t care what goes on back there” status and a doorway blocked it from further consideration. The front wasn’t as pipe happy or as a big a shock zone, and the electric, phone and cable all entered there. Good. That only took six months to decide; now we knew where we would start the planning stage.
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Air America Idiot Update

Take a deep breath, Drudgie-poo.
There is no evidence Al Franken Got a Posse.

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