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Archive for "May 13 2004"

You Probably Live in Connecticut

E.J. McMahon:

In proposing a $400 property tax rebate for homeowners, Mayor Bloomberg hopes to mend fences with the kind of middle-class, outer-borough voters whose support he needs to win reelection next year. (underline mine)

When will jackoffs like this assmonkey wake up and realize the “outer boroughs” are intrinsic to the city, and makes the damn thing work?

Air America Idiot Update

Air America Closes Sales Offices in 2 Cities
Considering they have not been reliably established as a viable endeavor in either city, this counts as a positive executive decision.
Might be their first.
ticking, tocking, the death clock’s rocking.

The Air America Idiot Archive

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Clear The Decks!

Georgie broke his beak. Boss George was in town. Anaheim is now more annoying than Boston…

Somebody’s shortstop really needs to hire an escort for this East Coast swing….

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