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Archive for "May 12 2004"

Air America Idiot Update

NY Daily News – Michael Goodwin: Liberal radio is airing bad jokes and worst taste

Money Quote:

During a day of torture by radio, I heard ads for Hewlett-Packard, Greyhound and, especially, General Motors. I asked GM why it appeared in such shows.

Ryndee Carney, GM’s manager of marketing communications, said the ads were wrongly picked up from an earlier deal with WLIB. She said the station was ordered to “cease and desist” yesterday, and added: “GM will not advertise on any Air America affiliates.”

Re-read that last line: “We will not advertise on any Air Idiot affiliates.”

They didn’t say they wouldn’t advertise on any Air Idiot programming. They said they wouldn’t advertise on any station associated with Air Idiot. They don’t want their name to be anywhere near this train wreck. One of the biggest advertising budget on the planet wants nothing to do with these mooks. How many affiliates do you think are taking a hard look at their contracts with Air Idiot right now? How many potential affiliates are tossing the Air Idiot marketing pitch into the trash can? How much are you willing to bet?

Add this to the mix

She’s begging for the Secret Service to come visit her hole under the Air Idiot rock, because no one can spend more than twelve minutes listening to her shit. But, never forget, “She be ‘ fighting the man! ‘ ”

ticking, tocking, the death clock’s rocking.

The Air America Idiot Archive

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Roundup Leads Rojo Back to Rage

I expected all sides of the blogosphere and surrounding ‘net universe to be awash in fallout from the release of the Berg execution video. Sorta got let down. Drudge has, besides the obvious wire stuff, some weird link to nowhere concerning “Perseus Beheading Medusa” that is too freaky to comprehend where his head is at. He’s yanked it, but Google probably cached his ass.

Whiskey over at Captain’s Quarters asks “Can we condemn them now?” and wonders about all those “moderate Muslims” we keep hearing about–but never actually see or hear from–and when are they going to issue apologies for the actions of these heinous bastards that slaughtered–I’ll deck the next person who says “beheaded”– Berg. Enough of this “beheaded” bullshit. “Beheading” denotes the guillotine. The hacked his head off. Fat fucker Teddy should be force-fed this video for on a scale that equals ‘ minutes chick was under water ‘ squared by ‘ every day you’ve been in the Senate.

Lileks says everyone has to choose a side, ’cause there only one way this is all gonna play. And it’s all ugly.

Misha… well, The Emperor isn’t someone I’d cut off in traffic for at least the next 24-36 hours, and then only driving a Bradley FV with the proper bumper stickers affixed in plain view. He’s posted two pieces, here and here, that is a pretty good indication of where the “warbloggers” are right now, and I pretty much agree with every word of both. Atrios is his usual dipshit self. It seems that Democratic Underground is still leading with the “barbarism” that occurred at Abu Ghraib; the only mention of Berg is a request for a working link to the video. Kos started out amazingly restrained, for him, but quickly recovered to blame it all on “Neocons.” Tacitus is waiting to see Al Ja-Zeera & Co.’s spin of the situation. He wants to know what the Arabic versions say.

Jeff Jarvis asked “What more can be said about the evil slime who behead an American civilian? Nothing.” The accompanying comments show there is a hell of a lot more to be said, but the conversation devolved quickly to rote pedantic bullshit, with the “It’s Bush’s Fault!” and “Nuke ’em All!” crews squared off and going nowhere fast with additional blithering about whose religion is more bloodthirsty. That blithering is the topic that caught me. And I got a feeling it’s going to take a while for me to work out what’s rattling around in my skull.
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