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Air America Idiot Update

What I Endure For You
Slogging through dreck like this would be considered combat service if a real war wasn’t going on…I mean, these mooks are so neck deep in the Kool-Aid it almost belies parody, snarkitude, and general ‘whack the bastards’ Response-o-Matic rejoinders. This is serious looney tunes, this Frankenblog. The whackos at Lucianne don’t hold a match, never mind a candle, to this brand of moonbat.

A number of folks have asked me why I decided to do this Air Idiot thing. Short Answer: Anyone as arrogant as these numbnuts deserves to get beat like a bastard red-headed stepchild…and I’m the perfect damned dumb skippy redhead to do it. I didn’t give a tinker’s damn when I heard they were going to mount this radio jihad…but then they blew up WLIB. That made it personal.

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