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She’s Back!

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Insanely Cool Alert!

This is, hands down, the spiffiest thing I’ve seen online in quite some time:
the World as a Blog

(via IgwanaRob)

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Air America Idiot Update

The Chicago Tribune drops the bomb that Air Idiot’s chairman and chief spinner, Evan Cohen, and vice chairman/investor Rex Sorensen have quit, and the network failed to make payroll Wednesday for the remaining roughly 100 dumb bastards who drank the Kool-Aid and joined this post-iceberg Titanic of talk radio. Checks were issued on Thursday. We’ll see if they are written on the same account Multicultural Radio’s Arthur Liu was paid through.

“We’re on a wild ride,” said Jon Sinton, the network’s president, acknowledging that Air America has suffered “the typical bumps and bruises faced by any start-up.”

Air Idiot is still under the illusion they are some sort of company, and denial runs deep that they entered a marketplace where no one involved at their management level (except the forced-out Dave Logan) had any idea or experience how to make a go of it. According to Sinton, Cohen was shoved toward the door by the network’s investors, who were not amused at the way Air Idiot’s chairman handled the dispute with Multicultural Radio that led to the network losing its stations in the country’s number two and three markets:

“I think that other shareholders were upset with the way that escalated so quickly,” Sinton said. “I don’t think that needed to be handled in such an argumentative fashion.”

Those shareholders are supposed to include former broadcasters Thomas Embrescia and Norman Wain, TV pioneer Norman Lear, and Sheldon Drobny, a Chicago entrepreneur who originally founded the company before selling most of it to Walsh and Cohen in November. No one knows if they’ve dumped the paper or are still considering it worth holding.

On the heels of the last shake-up in the management of the outfit a mere 11 days ago, Air Idiot has no clue who they can connive into replacing these latest departures:

Asked when those executive positions would be filled, Sinton replied: “I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

Sinton’s suggestion should also be applied to the chances they’ll be broadcasting this time next month. Air Idiot’s first Arbitron ratings book for their “flagship” NYC station comes on May 21st. Let’s hope someone’s left to read it.

Just like last time, Air Idiot has yet to issue a press release about the shake-up.

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