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Archive for "May 05 2004"

Partisan? Who, Me?

So the House of Mouse doesn’t want their name anywhere near Moonbat Moore’s blows that crap away with a much nicer tone that I could ever muster when you’re involved.

Captain Ed has more on Moore.

UPDATE: Moonbat Moore:

I would have hoped by now that I would be able to put my work out to the public without having to experience the profound censorship obstacles I often seem to encounter.

You can, Mikey; do it on your own dime and all the hassles fade away. And it isn’t “censorship” unless the government does it. Media Overlords do not qualify.
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Yo, Fenway!

You didn’t think the Yankee lineup’s coma at the plate would last, did you?
But Oakland would get you some breathing room while you feasted on cowboys and indians, right?
Well, so much for that idea.

And hey? How do you think Pedro will look in pinstripes?

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