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The Next Kerry Implosions

He’s been beating his Vietnam drum since Day One. I think it’s gonna finally blow up in his face, big time. The junior Senate hypocrite from Massachusetts is unleashing a $25 million ad buy today, intending to “introduce” himself to America. (Considering he’s been featured daily in every newspaper, television news show and late night TV comedian’s monologue for at least the last three months, the idea his campaign thinks America doesn’t know the guy speaks volumes about their efficacy.)

Both ads use much of the same material. One, “Lifetime,” hooks the hypocrite to maverick media darling John McCain, citing their cooperation to “find the truth” about P.O.W. and M.I.A. soldiers left behind in Vietnam. They should never have included this in the commercial. That committee’s investigation, which Kerry chaired, was blasted as a sham effort in 1994 by Pulitzer Prize winner Sydney H. Shanberg. You can bet Karl Rove’s got his rapid response brigade armed with Shanberg’s lengthy dissection of the committee’s performance, especially the parts where Shanberg asserts that damning evidence of Vietnamese obfuscation and attempts at extortion relating to these lost soldiers was suppressed, and that these two “truth seekers” offered Bill Clinton political cover to normalize relations–open the economic floodgates–with Vietnam’s communist regime.

The other Vietnam bomb will be coming from guys like this fellow, who is associated with these guys, who seem to be thoroughly pissed with Kerry’s flogging of his Vietnam bonafides as reason enough to put him in the White House.

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