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Archive for "May 03 2004"

Another Bullet in the Old Grey Lady’s Ass

Page Six:
Money quote:

But again, insiders at the Times point out: “If his being friends with Harvey Weinstein is such a big deal, what about Lynn Hirschberg palling around with Sofia Coppola and Quentin Tarantino or Felicity Barringer and Condoleeza Rice? It is ridiculous. He got the job done and did it well.”

Go read it.

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The Judges Have Spoken

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Air America Idiot Update

Senator Franken?
The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON — Comedian and liberal talk show host Al Franken put the odds of a challenge against Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., in 2008 at better than 50-50, and said he would make a decision by late next year.

Claiming the only thing holding him back is his 19 year old son’s concern about losing out on quality time, Air Idiot’s poster boy is threatening to follow in the footsteps of one of his heroes and do a bit of carpetbagging.

“I asked Hillary, ‘Can you give me some suggestions about running for Senate in a state you haven’t lived for in a while, or in your case, ever?’ ” he recalled, laughing heartily.

Franken, a New York City native and current resident, grew up in Minnesota, then headed east to Harvard and never looked back. Now that the political bug is firmly entrenched in his brain, he’s looking toward his childhood stomping grounds, home of his late fellow traveller, Paul Wellstone, as the best shot he’s got. Minnesota Republican Party chairman Ron Eibensteiner, after being assured this was not another of Franken’s comedy bits, didn’t think Franken would fare well if he tried to mount a campaign in Whole Lotta Lakes Land:

“Minnesota experimented with one Ventura-type of candidate,” Eibensteiner said. [ed.: What? It was Ventura.]
“I would be extremely surprised if Minnesota experimented with another one. It just didn’t work the first time.”

Franken says if he does decide to run, his own money will remain safely tucked in his pocket, and he would “probably” eschew accepting PAC money. Yo, Al? Soros might not care out there; draw your calendar in.

Paging Mr Lileks! Mr. James Lileks? I believe we have a piece of a Bleat for you here.

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