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Archive for "May 02 2004"

Some Things Are Just Wrong

This almost made me puke:
Lydon wants Timberlake for Rotten role

John Lydon wants Justin Timberlake to play him in the forthcoming film version of his autobiography. The former Sex Pistol, known as Johnny Rotten in his punk heyday, said Timberlake had agreed to the request provided Lydon stays away from the film set.

Johnny, go kill yourself. Don’t bother bringing a camera; just book a room at the Chelsea and bring some eternal sleep supplies. Even thinking of that dolt playing you in a movie is nauseating. That you’re the one who wanted it so means it’s Johnny Lydon’s time to go.

Say hello to Sid and Nancy for me when you get to Punk Rock Hell, and tell that dumb junkie Thunders he still owes me sixty bucks, and I mean to collect it. Death is not an excuse. I’ll end up in that room; your wallet better be there.

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MoDo Watch

This has to be the lousiest job in Journostan.

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