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Air America Idiot Update

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, radio reporter Robert Feder wonders if Air Idiot could have screwed up their introduction to the public airwaves any worse than the past month’s performance. Today’s the rookie network’s last day on the air in Chicago, with no other station earmarked to pick up the broadcast come Monday morning, which Feder believes will sour any potential audience Air Idiot had or hopes for in the Windy City, other than Internet streamers. Idiot’s chief SpinBoy likens the situation to a bickering couple:

“We believe our relationship with our listeners is long term,” said Evan Cohen, chairman of Air America Radio. “Just as you can get upset with someone you love dearly for a short period of time, if the person makes up for it by doing what they said they were going to do, the relationship can be repaired.”

Feder’s take on the abrupt departures of the network’s CEO and, especially, their head of programming and operations, Dave Logan, makes the relationship look to be more akin to a Spring/Fall fling:

His first-rate credentials as a programmer from Chicago’s own WLUP-FM (97.9) to the startup of XM Satellite Radio should have made Logan Air America’s most valuable player. Instead, the fact that he’s out — and won’t even talk about what happened publicly — speaks volumes about the chaos going on behind the scenes.

I hope the reason Logan won’t talk about it is because after the first week Air Idiot was on the air, and he realized what a pack of rank amateurs he had thrown in with, he drank heavily and attempted to “reprogram” some of the on-air talent with a baseball bat.

I found this little nugget of irony in a Washington Times story about one of our Media Overlords:

Pop quiz: Who owns the station that broadcasts Air America in Portland, Ore.?
Answer: Clear Channel.

Has anyone told Al?

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