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Archive for "Apr 28 2004"

Spoons Explains UNScam

Because everybody’s favorite Puppy Blender was confused, Spoons lays out the reason the UN’s Oil for Food scandal has been getting little attention from the press in nifty charty goodness that shows why Big Media believes Americans ain’t be needin’ to know right now.

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Today’s Funny

Somebody (Bill) owes me a box of Handi-Wipes. This left my screen, keyboard and desk a mess!
INDC Journal: INDC Science Series: Seasonal Moonbat IMF Migration, Part One

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Air America Idiot Update

As the fallout from yesterday’s announcement of the departure of their CEO and programming/operations boss continues, Air Idiot is trying its damnedest to paint it as nothing to get excited about, with Evan Cohen, Air Idiot’s majordomo, calling the moves “natural changes to a rapid startup.” If that is true, I’d like to know why they failed to post a release in their press room treating it as such. Nothing. Nada. El Zippo.

Others are painting the picture with different colors, laying the blame for the current situation to Air Idiot’s lack of experience navigating in RadioLand. From the Los Angeles Times:

“These people do not seem to be following the kind of business plan one would expect from a stable and formidable broadcast operation,” said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a magazine that follows the talk-radio business. “Chaos at a start-up is a bad sign, especially when the CEO disappears.”

Harrison, a very busy boy yesterday, told the Washington Post the problem was Air Idiot couldn’t separate their political objectives–Beat Bush/Crush Rush–from the business of running a viable radio operation:

“One would have to question their business plan — whether you’re liberal or conservative, whether you’re playing music or comedy, radio is radio and it requires sound broadcasting practices.”

But ripping the Right is the business plan.
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