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Politically Correct Idiotarian Moonbat AssMonkeys at work.

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This Would Be So Much Fun

Here’s an idea that is amazingly delicious: New York Post: Make Rudy UN Ambassador.
I can imagine how apoplectic just nominating Guliani for the position would make some folks. And I would love seeing people try to smear him when most of the country’s opinion of him comes from his post 9-11 performance, not his previous years as NYC’s mayor. (Hat tip: Best of the Web)

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Air America Idiot Update

Air Idiot’s first visit to the Arbitron abattoir: 1.3 in NYC.

In comparison, WABC (Rush, Hannity, et al) posted a 3.7 (up from 3.3); WOR (O’Reilly, Savage) scored 2.2 (up from 1.8). The WABC Right Wing Machine ranked 7th in the city overall (the only talk station in the top ten), while O’Reilly’s station clocked in at 21st. Air Idiot’s “flagship” ranked 24th.

These numbers don’t mean much, they just act as a starting point to see if these clowns are getting any traction. Before they took over, the station was averaging a solid 1.1 across the previous year, when it featured a Caribbean-based broadcast. So they did nudge the numbers up a bit, but that can be written off to all the hoopla their launch (and their kicking the previous programming into the gutter) generated. The next set of numbers come out on May 21. Those numbers will be the real indication if Air Idiot can survive in the nation’s biggest media market. They should be able to catch or overtake WOR, if they truly have anything resembling an audience. Other than O’Reilly & Savage, WOR’s lineup consists of pretty weak voices, some of whom are WABC cast-offs.

If they don’t at least draw even with WOR, it’s over, sports fans. Stay Tuned!
The Air America Idiot Archive

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