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Archive for "Apr 13 2004"

Dancing With Moonbats

Bill over at INDC Journal has pics from a D.C. protest by the ANSWER wahoos. The photos can get you angry that idiots like this are among us, but his captions remind you that they are only run-of-the-mill morons, so put the ordinance away and observe the goofballs in all their unfettered nuttyhood.

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Comedian Offers Common Sense

Over at the Weekly Standard, actor/comedian Larry Miller, well known for playing doofy nebbishes or nasty nitwits, is a contributing humorist, but there wasn’t much humor in this column, just some straight talk aimed at the current administration and the current realities of what’s going on in Iraq:

Message to the administration: No one in Europe or on the left is ever, ever, ever going to like you from seeing a photograph of a marine handing a bag of groceries to a woman in a burkha. Jacques Chirac is never going to say, “Well, they have built a lot of community centers. Maybe Bush was right.”

Win. Stopping building schools. Win. There’s plenty of time and need for hospitals, but first . . . Win. Yes, yes, Iraqi girls can be very empowered by seeing a female colonel running an outreach program, and we can all chip in for the posters that say “Take Your Daughters To Mosque Day,” but in the meantime, would you please win.

via LGF.

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