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Archive for "Apr 09 2004"

They’ll Bomb The Shit Out of Christians in Jeruselem

But we can’t bomb a gangster’s mosque? Shit! Excuse me, I’ve watched guys with fingers thicker than quarters set up hits. With the Marine’s involved, why the Hell is That Fat Wannabe Ayatollah About? He’s the local Jesus? SEIZE HIM, CENTURIANS!
Listen here, mooks. You think you are returning the Caliphate. Fuhgeddeboutit. Espania? El Weaselo? They neutered your bull. Tell me, how’s the #1 line running in Madrid? Ride the subways and bus lines safe? Did you vote Gore? Germany? You released that SOB? Screw you, too.

Thank God (yea, G-O-D: ENGLISH LETTERS)

the Sons of Nippon remember their Bushido Code:
FUCK YOU! You got three of ours? Goodbye, our flowers. Sayonara your asses, sand dwellers. We’re sending 3000 Rising Sons. With guns. To bring our people home. Oh, and in case you have not been paying attention, camel mounters…we are a nuke enthused subdivision of FUCK YOU SCUMBAGS, USA, INC…

Stick to the European weasels, sand monkeys. You picked the wrong infidels.

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