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Archive for "Apr 08 2004"

Anger Management Time

I’m listening to Condi Rice’s testimony and developing a slow boil over this one asshole commissioner whose playing to the audience by acting like an extra on “Law & Order.” Then my phone rings and my wife tells me some recruiter just called and offered her an interview for a company that was willing to pay her $200 a day more than her current position without the insane hours she currently puts in every day.
“No brainer,” I say.
“That’s what he said,” she says. “But I like it here.”
“Are those strudlehead numbnuts there gonna help us with the mortgage?” I say. “They gonna help converting the basement into an office so we can free up this third bedroom? I’ll answer that: No. End of story.”
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A Calm Bit of Reasoning

for the moronic fuckheads of the Left in the hopes of offering them a Reality Clue. Personally, Mama, I think they’ll never catch on. They’ll need to be rounded up and put against the wall. But hey! More parking spaces for me!!!

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