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Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass

The NYTimes Is Conflicted And Wrong About The A.P. And Needs To Stop Defendin' Them
Jeez, how thick are these people? You cannot win a war against bloggers. Markos is darin' th' AP t' sue that scurvey dog, and has declared he’s gonna go batshit crazy violatin' their “standard” fer what they have decided is “fair use” as he sees fit every chance he gets.

Has anyone in th' AP collective realized how downright dirty ugly this will get before th' Associated Press is handed their head? Aarrr! Do they realize that if bloggers decide, en masse, t' reject linkin' t' anythin' with an AP tag there will be no reasonable thesis fer their existence?

Do they not get no one needs their middle lubber shit anymore?

PS: BoingBoin' wants t' know who th' fuck made this lubber Cox th' bishop o' bloggers?

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There are 3 Comments to "Another Bullet in the Old Gray Lady’s Ass"

  • hashfanatic says:

    “Do they not get no one needs their middle lubber shit anymore?”

    Weeeeeellll….technically, we DO. Fire the cannons! Credibility in th' greater blogosphere is still an issue, pass the grog!

    Where I agree is, th' AP does not have t' be that middleman.
    Walk the plank! Aarrr!

    My instinct is, they will capitulate, in some mutual face-savin' way, and everythin' will revert t' SNAFU, just because no one has any time t' address this shit right now.

  • TC says:

    hash, th' AP rarely does any actual reportin'; mostly they take original reportin' from one o' their collective members’ staff and just slap “(AP)” on th' byline. Today, with all those member newspapers, magazines, etc. runnin' their own online delivery systems, th' whole reason fer existin' that th' AP were bein' based upon–sharin' content among its members–ceases t' have purpose.

    If I see a story about somethin' that happened on Staten Island, with an “AP” tag on th' byline, I KNOW th' story came from th' SI Advance, NY Post, Daily News, or possibly Newsday. The AP doesn’t have a “Staten Island desk.” They just re-purpose other people’s stuff and lay claim t' it. I’d bet hard cash th' articles that Drudge Retort used t' start this whole cock-up fit that model: some newspaper created it and AP laid proprietary claim and threatened t' sue.
    Shiver me timbers, and dinna spare the whip!

    One o' th' biggest reasons I no longer bother spendin' money t' read th' Fingerboard Follies is that damn near nothin' they print were bein' written by those idiots, and a bottle of rum! They fill up their pages with stuff they pull off th' wire, and intersperse it with a handful o' column inches created by their staff, usually about irrelevant crap no one gives a shit about. They regularly get their heads handed t' them by th' Post or Daily News when a “big” story breaks in their own backyard.

  • david drake says:

    $12.50 fer quotin' five words

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha, and a bucket o' chum! What a bunch o' asshats th' AssPress is. They are goin' t' be ignored by every blogger everywhere while other sources are cited, used and credited, to be sure. F’em.

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