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About “Teh Taser Boy”: It’s Amerrikkka’s Fault!

Naomi Wolf, she o' th' “Alpha Males Wear Earth Tones” fiasco, has once again leapt into th' pit and dug herself a deeper ditch at Zsa Zsa’s House o' Preenin' Moonbats

We have t' understand what time it is. Fire the cannons! When th' state starts t' hurt people fer askin' questions, we can no longer operate on th' leisurely time o' a strong democracy.

Today’s news shows a recognizable shock moment in th' annals o' a closin' society, we'll keel-haul ye, by Blackbeard's sword! A very ordinary-lookin' American student — Andrew Meyer, 21, at th' University o' Florida – were bein' tasered by police when he asked a question o' Senator John Kerry about th' impeachment o' President George Bush. His arms were pinned and as he tried t' keep speakin' he were bein' shocked — in spite o' beggin' not t' be hurt. A stunnin' piece o' footage but unfortunately, historically, a very familiar and even tactical moment.

It is an iconic turnin' point and it will be remembered as th' moment at which America either fought back or yielded. This violence against a student is different from violence against protesters in th' anti-war movement o' 30 years ago because o' th' power th' president has now t' imprison innocent U.S. citizens fer months in isolation. And because, as I have explained elsewhere, we are not now in a situation in which ‘th' pendulum’ can easily swin' back. That taser were bein' directed at th' body o' a young lubber, but it is we ourselves, and our Constitution, who received th' full force o' th' shock.

One problem: It seems that from th' git-go, th' kid were bein' doin' it precisely as a publicity stunt; he wasn’t an innocent snowflake exercisin' his First Amendment rights only t' be brutally subjugated into silence by The State…
he were bein' a Media Whore who took it too far:

The ornery cuss gave a video camera he’d brought with that scurvey dog t' th' student next t' that scurvey dog and asked that comely wench t' film that scurvey dog — right before he started layin' into Kerry, I'll warrant ye. His demeanor “completely changed” once he were bein' in th' squad boat and away from th' cameras, say th' cops; “ye didn’t do anythin' wrong,” he allegedly told them — before askin' if there were any cameras in th' jail they were takin' that scurvey dog t'. The ornery cuss had no ID on that scurvey dog at th' time o' th' arrest accordin' t' what he told th' cops with 1:57 left in this afternoon’s video — but he did have a business card fer his dopey vanity website, per th' CNN report.

Dude. Dude.

The original video clip always left a question with me: why were th' college security officers so worried about this kid? And hoist the mainsail! As more video came into th' light, it became clear: he WANTED t' cause a ruckus, and he got his wish… with a taser kicker.

But notice how some “intellectual” like Naomi Wolf (and many, many more), instead o' waitin' fer more information–more facts and evidence–t' be brought forward (which even a moron like me were bein' willin' t' wait fer before shootin' off) immediately launches into an indictment against what she perceives t' be th' narrative… as opposed t' th'… ye know… reality o' th' matter.

Because ye see, what actually happened, fer folks like Naomi (and many o' that comely wench lubber travelers), is irrelevent t' how it juxtaposes against th' ideological paradigm that BushHitlerCo has created and imprinted on th' country’s psyche all because o' Darth (“Magnificent Bastard”) Rove’s Mind Control Machine….

Or some similar pyschobabble shit. And swab the deck, by Davy Jones' locker! Me, with a chest full of booty? I’d have given th' kid a swift kick in th' nuts and ne'er needed t' feed that scurvey dog th' ‘STFU juice.’

Not as THE MAN, but as a member o' th' audience, and a bottle of rum, ye scurvey dog! Shit bastards like that need slappin'. What happened at UF is a textbook example o' what happens when ye let idiots like this get away with th' “small” stuff… they up th' amps until th' ‘governors’ overload.

Michelle Malkin has a good catch-all on this story.

MEET TASERBOY: “It, to be sure. figures. The ornery cuss’s a journalist.”

And a Truther, too!

Ann Althouse piles on.

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