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I was bred, borne and raised Democrat; when I was a young laddie, on the wall were two portraits: Pope John23 and JFK. Mom, grudgingly, gave way to that little bastard Battista in time, but never, ever, considered hanging either his or Johnson’s sorry visage in our house.
Yeah, that means nothing. But I grew older, and watched politicians fuck everything up. Until it got to a point where too many of my friends died.

Welcome to my world. I want everyone who ain’t “us” dead and so fucking killed there ain’t anything left to haul up on the slab.

On 9-12-01, where and when did you, yourself, start clocking your personal body count?

How many funerals? How many wakes?
How many boxes went in the ground and made you bones shake?
How hard did you rage?
How soon did it cool?

Did it?
well then, fuck you, fool.


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There are 4 Comments to "9-11-01"

  • ultimately just a bean counter says:

    this deserves more attention

    “when did you, yourself, start clocking your personal body count?” a couple of weeks

    “How many funerals? How many wakes?” I was too far away to attend any
    “How many boxes went in the ground and made you bones shake?” I’ve been afraid to count
    “How hard did you rage?” terribly, but mostly internally
    “How soon did it cool?” to what level? it still fans up pretty hot under soft breezes

    “Did it?” no
    “well then, fuck you, fool.” I’m with ya

    “GOD BLESS, AND KILL THEM ALL” maintaining a civil society requires the uncivil to be eliminated from society

  • TC says:

    Trying to figure you out your real ID is driving me crazy.

    At this point, I’m trying to jack an Alaskan ISP… Alaska?

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