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Archive for the "via Feed" Category

Getting a job in API documentation: Podcast with Andrew Davis

Getting a job in API documentation can be tricky. What programming skills do you need to know? How in-depth does your technical knowledge need to be? What kind of authoring tools and methods are relevant for jobs in API documentation? In this podcast, I talk with Andrew Davis, a former technical writer who turned to (Read more...)

The most popular type of APIs that technical writers document

I recently surveyed technical writers to ask a variety of questions about API documentation. Rather than present a summary of the survey all at once, I am presenting the results of each question on a post-by-post basis, so that I can properly analyze and interpret the results of each question. Overall about 32 people participated (Read more...)

I need your responses to my API Documentation Survey

I’m trying to gather more information about common practices with API documentation. I created an informal, open survey about API Doc here. It’s an openly editable Google Doc with about 10 questions. You can see others’ responses as you enter your own. If you do any kind of API documentation, I need your participation in the (Read more...)

Authoring tools for startups — Guest post by Vinish Garg

The following is a guest post by Vinish Garg, an information architect with a background in technical writing who frequently works with startups.  A discussion on authoring tools invariably leaves the participants with at least one common opinion–they want to see something better in whatever tool they are using. I recall a Wishlist post that Tom wrote (Read more...)

Podcast download stats kind of mind-blowing

I measure download links for podcasts through Podtrac. I haven’t been doing as many podcasts as I used to do. But I checked my podcast stats the other day and was kind of shocked. Typical download stats for podcasts in the past averaged about 700 downloads per episode. For example, take a look at this (Read more...)