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Three questions people ask me each week

Question 1

The first question goes something like this:

Hi Tom, I found your blog and really like the content. I’m currently a ________ with a degree in _______. I’ve been working for the past few years doing ________. However, I really dislike my job. I realized that it involves _______ and _________ all day (Read more...)

Slides, notes, and lessons learned at the STC Summit 2015 in Columbus, Ohio

Slide presentations

Here are the slides from my workshop on REST API documentation. I have two sets of slides:

Documenting REST APIs from Tom Johnson

For detailed notes, see Documenting REST APIs.

Publishing API documentation — Workshop from Tom Johnson

For detailed notes, see Publishing API documentation.

I also gave a presentation that (Read more...)

My upcoming workshop and presentation at the STC Summit 2015 in Columbus, Ohio

Upcoming API documentation workshop

I’m giving a 3.5 hour workshop on API documentation at the STC Summit in Columbus this year. Although I gave some workshops and presentations on APIs earlier this year, for this Summit workshop, I’ve completely reworked the material and focused almost entirely on REST APIs. I’m really excited about the content (Read more...)

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How to avoid early death from sitting down all day

I’m growing increasingly nervous by the number of studies that show how sitting down all day poses health risks equivalent to smoking a pack a day. Just google sitting all day is the equivalent to smoking and you’ll find plenty of articles.

I decided to download Break Time from the App store.

Break Time

So far it (Read more...)

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How do you authenticate your documentation?

Why authenticate documentation?

As a blogger, I’m not in favor of authenticating anything. But most companies I’ve worked for have required users to authenticate with a username and password in order to access the documentation I write. I’m currently trying to find a good solution for authenticating my documentation, and I could use a few (Read more...)

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