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Variables and conditional processing in Jekyll versus DITA

In the previous post, I compared writing in Markdown versus writing in XML. In this post, I want to look at variables and conditional processing between the two platforms. Variables in Jekyll In Jekyll, you can assign a variable a specific value, like this: Now you can use {{dog_name}} in your content and it will (Read more...)

Misconception: Markdown is more limiting than DITA (Jekyll versus DITA)

In my previous post, I noted a new series in which I plan to compare Jekyll against DITA. In this first post, I want to debunk the myth that Markdown formats with static site generators like Jekyll are more limiting than DITA. This is a point discussed in the Content Content podcast that I referenced (Read more...)

Check out Ed Marsh’s podcast, and also My New series: Jekyll versus DITA

In case you haven’t already discovered it, there’s a great new podcast in the tech comm field called Content Content, by Ed Marsh. So far Ed has recorded two episodes, each about an hour long. Ed follows an easy-going interview format, and he does an excellent job in bringing out the best in his show’s (Read more...)

Some thoughts on attending tcworld India 2015

I just spent the last week in Bangalore, India. The tcworld India 2015 conference took place on a Thursday and Friday, and I spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the city. This was an eye-opening trip for a number of reasons, and I wanted to capture some of my thoughts and experiences here and share them (Read more...)

PDF still trumps browser-based help?

In the Skills and Technology Survey 2014 by WritersUA, it appears that PDF manuals are the most common deliverable: Support for manuals in the form of PDF (77%) is at the top of the list as the most valued technology component. Using PDF as a delivery format has become a staple in our documentation sets. (Read more...)

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