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Recent Write the Docs presentation recordings

At the meetup, first Neal Kaplan gave a presentation titled “Two great teams that work great together: Bridging the gap between documentation and support”:

You can download the MP3 file here and view the slides here.

Then Ruthie Bendor, a web engineer, gave a presentation titled “Move Fast And … Document Things? Lessons (Read more...)

Some post-STC Summit thoughts

Overall, I think the Summit was a good conference (as usual) – it was well-organized and executed, with top speakers and a wide variety of topics. I believe attendance was up this year, with around 600 attendees. The expo hall was full of vendors, including a virtual reality vendor with goggles that let you view (Read more...)

Slides for “Writing tech docs like a hacker presentation”

My slides are linked below (format is RevealJS):

Here’s the description of my Jekyll presentation:

Writing tech docs like a hacker with Jekyll

Static site generators are a new breed of documentation tools that are much more common in engineering groups where developers contribute to the documentation.

Jekyll is one of the most popular static (Read more...)

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