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Upcoming REST API documentation workshop in Sacramento

REST API documentation workshop in Sacramento

Here is a description of the API workshop I’m giving in Sacramento:

Workshop on Documenting REST APIs

At its core, REST API documentation focuses on documenting requests and responses. You describe the various endpoints available, their methods, parameters, and other details. And you also document sample responses from the endpoints, usually describing each element and (Read more...)

New section in API documentation course: "The Job market for API technical writers"

In postings for API documentation jobs, you’ll often see requirements like this:

“Ability to read code in one or more programming languages, such as Java, C++, or Python.”

Although your core task may be to document a REST API, most likely there will be numerous client implementations in different programming languages that you will also (Read more...)

My YAML tutorial in the context of Jekyll

Not many technical writers use YAML in their authoring tools. However, in the Jekyll environment, YAML is commonly used as an approach for creating a table of contents and other lists of content.

Most commonly, you store each item in your table of contents in a YAML file. You then iterate through that YAML file (Read more...)

The third API course from Peter Gruenbaum on Udemy

Peter Gruenbaum recently published a third course on writing API documentation on Udemy. I reviewed the other two courses in previous posts here and here. Peter’s third course is called The Art of API Documentation.

The Art of API Documentation

In general, this course is a little bit shorter than the others and focuses on how to create (Read more...)

Documenting long JSON objects

Most API documentation explains the parameters available for each endpoint. Usually the parameters are passed in the endpoint URL or in the request body.

I’m now documenting an endpoint in a project at work that includes about 200 lines of code in a JSON object passed in the request body. There are various levels of (Read more...)

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