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Archive for the "via Feed" Category

DITA folder hierarchy, conref, mapref, and more

This is my second entry in my DITA journey series. Here, in no particular order, I cover a miscellany of DITA challenges – content re-use, maprefs, folder structures, ditamaps, topicsets, and authoring-publishing workflows. Content re-use DITA allows you to re-use content in several different ways. The most obvious way is that you can use the (Read more...)

My DITA journey begins

I have decided to try out DITA in a more extensive way. I think it will work for my situation, and it’s always fun to experiment with a new method for authoring help material. A few people have asked that I keep them updated on my progress. While the details of my foray into DITA (Read more...)

The need for robust tech comm authoring tools

Neal Kaplan recently posted about the search for a perfectly adequate authoring tool, which got me thinking about the tools I use. At the time I joined my current company, I had to change my help authoring tools quite a bit. At my previous company, I used Mediawiki and Madcap Flare. Both tools worked pretty (Read more...)

Strategies for using links with DITA

One of the strategies that always seems to cause me dilemmas with DITA is how to best handle linking. Mark Baker has an in-depth essay on linking, where he explores many of the issues associated with links. I would point you to the post, but whether to insert the link here or elsewhere is at (Read more...)

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STC Chapter provides special outing to San Diego zoo for members

The West Bay STC chapter recently provided a special expedition to the San Diego zoo for all chapter members who wanted to participate. 67 members signed up for the special zoo tour, which involved several exclusive behind-the-scenes encounters with animals, including but not limited to the famous China panda, Xena the giraffe, and a habitat (Read more...)

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