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Archive for the "via Feed" Category

Two major Confluence problems: poor content re-use and lack of wiki markup

The other day I tweeted about a brief frustration with Confluence: I don’t mean to be critical, but I really hate using Confluence for doc. Am so happy to be migrating Confluence content to DITA. #techcomm — Tom Johnson (@tomjohnson) September 22, 2014 And a couple of people asked me for a post with more detail. (Read more...)

Using collapsible sections to bring tasks and concepts together (DITA)

Last week I showed how to integrate a sliding side panel into OxygenXML’s webhelp output. In this post, I show you how to integrate collapsible show/hide sections. As before, I’m using DITA as the structured content, which adds another element of complexity to the setup. Demo For a demo of the show/hide functionality, see Show/Hide (Read more...)

Foreword to Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps, 2nd Edition

Joe Welinske just published his second edition of Developing Mobile User Assistance. Although it’s the second edition, 300 of the 400 pages are new, making it mostly a new book. If you’re doing anything related to mobile, this is a must-read book. It will get you going the right way. I had the opportunity to (Read more...)

Adding code comments through a sliding jQuery Sidr panel (DITA)

If you write developer documentation, you know that developers prefer code samples to narrative instruction. The beauty of code samples is that they provide context at a glance. You can see where variables should be declared, functions called, objects initialized, and so forth — all by just looking at the code. Trying to describe the (Read more...)

STC Intercom Issue Entirely Dedicated to API Documentation

The September issue of the STC Intercom is entirely dedicated to API documentation. I had the opportunity to act as guest editor for this issue. As guest editor, I helped select the topics, find the writers, and did some editing on the articles. I also wrote a foreword to the articles. It was a pretty (Read more...)

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