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Time doesn't stop for us mourners.
It's been two weeks already.
I wake on the fourteenth day after the crime
to see smoke still forming on the New York skyline.

All night long
when I raise my head from my pillow
in my Staten Island home
I see the smoke where the Towers stood
and getting back to sleep don't do no good -
I'm viewing the wreckage of New York's livelihood.

It's not just the people who were there at the time
that I cry for in this elegy.
It's for all the people who came to see
the glory of New York and the grandiose scenery
from those silvered Towers
over thirty years of time.

All those who walked on the Observation Deck
will carry those memories past these frightening weeks.
The wedding pictures in photo albums
from Windows on The World
will still be there for the wife to seek.

The party they gave me on the 50th floor
at Guy Carpenter in Tower Two
will stay in my mind though the building is gone.
They saluted me when I left my job.
That memory the terrorists cannot rob.

Time is moving fast.
Soon it'll be a month since the Towers went down.
Soon I'll see no more smoke constantly forming.
I'll look out my window and return to sleep, simply yawning.

While the spirit is strong we should push out a blast
of energy for those who walked those halls.
Let the energy curl out through the water
rise to the sky and stampede through the hills.
Let it work its way into all the places
where American flags adorn our sills.

Let it reach those who shoved those planes in those buildings
and let them just fall down.
Let them finish their sickening journey
to the place where God cannot be found.

Let us lift up our hearts - all who witnessed
this atrocity of nightmarish proportions.
Let us fight to keep our country on the right track.
Let us work hard to get the glory of our city back.

- Virginia (Van Loan) Lynch

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