Zooming out and in with navigation

Android reference documentation

Here’s a short (silent) demo of how the Android navigation moves horizontally left to right:

I have no idea how the sidebar is assembled on a technical level. It seems like a nightmare to maintain, honestly. And from a usability perspective, it doesn’t entirely orient me to where I am in the documentation. (The documentation (Read more...)

Kanban may be a better fit than scrum when you support large numbers of engineers


During the last STC meeting on agile, I was chatting with a fellow writer about whether agile fit his role at his work. He said that because he supports about 80 engineers, kanban was a better fit for him than scrum.

I wrote previously about kanban here and here. Both kanban and (Read more...)

How can technical writers thrive in agile environments? Event recording and details

Audio Recording

Listen to the recording:

You can download the MP3 file, subscribe in iTunes, or listen with Stitcher.

Agile panel event description

Here’s a description of the agile panel event:

How can technical writers can thrive in agile environments?

Most engineers in IT departments follow an agile scrum process: they track (Read more...)

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