11 images issues for tech doc systems — guest post by Jeanine Shepstone

Images can be a great supplement to technical documentation text. As the fiction writers say: Show, don’t tell. However, including images can be a headache for the technical writer. This post explores some of the challenges inherent in handling images in technical documentation. A future post will focus on translating image text.

1. Is (Read more...)

8 image translation issues for tech doc — guest post by Jeanine Shepstone

Including images can be a headache for the technical writer. Thanks to the challenges of translation, your headache can morph into a long-term migrane when the images include text.

1. Just eliminate the text!

The “industry standard” solution is to avoid text in images. At first, this sounds like a wonderful idea. “Don’t write, just (Read more...)

Recent Write the Docs presentation recordings

At the meetup, first Neal Kaplan gave a presentation titled “Two great teams that work great together: Bridging the gap between documentation and support”:

You can download the MP3 file here and view the slides here.

Then Ruthie Bendor, a web engineer, gave a presentation titled “Move Fast And … Document Things? Lessons (Read more...)

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