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Author in DITA, publish with WordPress

If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ve seen me explore the tools question numerous times. In this post, I’ll explore combining structured authoring with web publishing on WordPress.

In a nutshell, here’s the main idea: structured authoring tools are great for authoring content. Web platforms are great for publishing content. My plan is to (Read more...)

Woes of conditional text and topichead elements (DITA best practices)

When authoring in DITA, there are a couple of best (or worst) practices that I wasn’t aware of. The first is with conditional text; the second is with topichead elements:

Cautions with conditional text

Noz Urbina has written two excellent articles about the dangers of going overboard with conditional text.

Benefits of tool diversity, part II

In my previous post, Is tool fragmentation a good thing?, I lamented the trend toward tool fragmentation in the tech comm community, noting several disadvantages that fragmentation brings:

  • fragmentation of community and knowledge sharing
  • increased overhead of learning new tools
  • frustration with HR departments who expect strong knowledge of their chosen tool (among hundreds)

(Read more...)

Is tool fragmentation in tech comm a good thing?

One of the attendees from Alan Houser‘s recent presentation at InfodevDEC meetup in Virginia the other night noted the following:

Juxtapose this tweet about Alan’s presentation with the recent WritersUA (Read more...)

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8 Jedi Mind Tricks for Freelancers (and Star Wars Nerds)

Putting everything off until you’re in the mood isn’t always possible. How can you will yourself into being upbeat and productive in the face of difficult clients, scope creep, unpaid invoices, and rejection? By using the Force.

continue reading…