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Content Re-use is so much better with DITA (and esp. with OxygenXML)

After my last post on content re-use strategies with Confluence, I realized that while you can do re-use with Confluence, you have to rely on so many third-party plugins, the whole solution tends to feel cobbled together with string and glue. While I initially thought Confluence would simplify authoring and allow me to focus (Read more...)

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Strategies for content re-use in Confluence

I’ve been knee-deep in Atlassian Confluence lately, analyzing the best way to re-use content. In this post, I’ll describe a fictitious scenario that resembles an advanced content re-use situation and then explore various strategies for re-use.

The scenario

Suppose you’re creating a bicycle manual for a Trek 7.3 FX (which happens to be the exact bike I recently bought). (Read more...)

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The part of the brain you should listen to when writing

caudate nucleusIn This is your brain on writing, Carl Zimmer writes:

A novelist scrawling away in a notebook in seclusion may not seem to have much in common with an NBA player doing a reverse layup on a basketball court before a screaming crowd. But if you could peer inside their heads, you might see (Read more...)

10 technical writing principles to live by

As I started my new job, I’ve been thinking about the most important technical writing principles I’ve learned in the past. The following are 10 principles to live by when doing technical writing.

1. Always test out the instructions yourself.

Unless you can walk through the instructions and perform the tasks yourself, it will be (Read more...)

Information Development World and the Customer Experience — A Podcast with Scott Abel and Val Swisher

Information Development World and the Customer Experience, a podcast with Scot Abel and Val Swisher

Length: 26 min.

Download MP3 (right-click and select Save As)

In this podcast, I talk with Scott Abel and Val Swisher, organizers for the Information Development World conference, about the technical writer’s role in the customer experience. The customer experience is a major focus of the Information Development World conference.


The Information Development World (Read more...)

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