Why Speaking In Technical Jargon Is Not Making You Look Smarter

In certain cases, jargon provides a concise description of an activity to those who understand the terms. It causes a problem, however, when you are talking to someone who doesn’t understand the jargon or, worse, misuses it.


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Three types of knowledge every technical writer needs to be successful

I’ve illustrated the three types of knowledge in the following diagram.

These are the three types of knowledge you need to be successful as a technical writer.

When you combine technical knowledge, product knowledge, and user knowledge, you become a key player in your organization. Usually engineers dominate the technical, product managers dominate the product, (Read more...)

Recording of STC-SV presentation on the Shape of a Modern Technical Communication Organization, by Sanborn Hodgkins

Here’s a description of the presentation:

Modern writing organizations need skills very different from basic writing. This session will cover the job roles and skills that your organization might need to adopt best practices. For example: content strategy, analytics, web and app development, taxonomist, linguists, etc, and how can you best incorporate these new skills (Read more...)

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