A jump in Google traffic due to content quality?

Tonight I was digging out some site stats for a guest post someone contributed on my site last year when I saw this in my Google Analytics:

Google traffic jumped up considerably around here and stayed up

Around the beginning of the year in January 2016, traffic jumped up considerably. December 2015 had 43,000 page views, but then January 2016 had 58,000, February had 61,000, (Read more...)

Attend the “Solve This!” Write the Docs Meetup tomorrow (June 23, 2016)

Meetup description

Here’s a description of the meetup:

For this meetup, we will help each other with the challenges that we face at work. Here’s how it we will do this. You add a major challenge that you have to the list here. The list is anonymous. The challenge should be a problem that (Read more...)

Examples of visual communication in developer documentation with the Android Vocabulary Glossary

You can view the Android Vocabulary Glossary here.

For example, check out the Setter Method. (Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to link to specific entries. You have to navigate to it.)

Visual communication in developer doc

This visual is actual a looping gif animation that provides an interesting, unique way of explaining getter (Read more...)

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