The variety of tools tech comm professionals use


Ferry Vermeulen from Instructiv asked more than 70 technical writing professionals (from conferences such as Lavacon, MadWorld, COMtecnica, ETC, tekom Berlin, Nordic TechKom, and Information Energy) the following question:

If you could use just three technical writing tools in your company, which ones should you use (in the technical writing tools definition, standards and (Read more...)

Presentation recording: Hunting for API developer documentation jobs in the San Francisco Bay area, by Andrew Davis

Presentation description

Andrew gave the the presentation “Hunting for Dev Doc Work Around the Bay” on August 15, 2016 at the STC Silicon Valley chapter in Santa Clara, California.

Here’s a description of Andrew’s presentation:

The job market for developer documentation in Silicon Valley is the hottest in the country. But developer documentation jobs can (Read more...)

The complexities of translation and the need for dynamic variables in the build process

Listen to this post:

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I mentioned in previous posts that I was tackling translation with static site generators, and that I would circle back around on this topic to provide more detail (see Will the docs-as-code approach scale?).

Translation is a complex undertaking. (Read more...)

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