When you’re feeling down for whatever reason
you can do this exercise in any season.
Get up from your desk or get out of your bed
Put on some walking shoes and step right ahead
into a stride that is comfy and clean.
Feel the rhythm that is now part of your scene.

Keep your feet movin’
on a wide open path
you will start groovin’
if you can find your inner laugh.

Laugh at the ludicrous chain of events
that took you out of Christmas and back into Lent.
Be happy that you’re walking your way…
Feel the rhythm, and stay inside your day.

Ginny Lynch

Make your house efficient and liveable, and basically clean.
But don’t let the Jones’s turn you into a mean
unlovable kind of person
you weren’t put here to become a jerson.
A jerson is defined as a type of jerk
who thinks that life must involve work, work, and more work.
You need time to reclaim your brain
Say goodbye to the Jones’s, and comb out your mane.