Make your house efficient and liveable, and basically clean.
But don’t let the Jones’s turn you into a mean
unlovable kind of person
you weren’t put here to become a jerson.
A jerson is defined as a type of jerk
who thinks that life must involve work, work, and more work.
You need time to reclaim your brain
Say goodbye to the Jones’s, and comb out your mane.

When you have an unpleasant feeling in a part of your body which feels really tight, try unscrewing it. Put your hand over the spot where you have pain. The hand doesn’t have to be directly over the spot – maybe four or five inches above it in the air. Circle your hand in an opposite direction (i.e., against the feel of pressure that you are feeling).  Then, keep repeating the motion.  The repetition of this action should do the following:

(1) Reduce the stress in the area where you feel an issue.
(2) increase the circulation in that area.
(3) Give you a better feeling of calm.
(4) Make you feel that you want to continue this practice every day.

Please try this out and let me know how this works.